English Language Learners

Jade Fiore
Director of Pupil Services

Susan Fallert
Pupil Services Secretary

Jill Chan
Middle/High School EL Teacher

Danielle Spacht
Intermediate School EL Teacher

Colleen Marches
Primary School EL Teacher

Shannon McCullough
Kindergarten EL Teacher

The Chartiers Valley School District offers a District-wide English Learners (EL) instructional program for students whose dominant language is not English. 

Do you need an interpreter?  Please contact the school and one will be provided.

The purpose of the EL program is to provide students with the language skills they need to participate successfully in content area classes and in their world outside of school. 

The EL department provides support to English learners as they work toward understanding and adapting to a new cultural and academic setting. EL teachers work with the English learners, their families, and the regular content area teachers and staff to assist in the academic and cultural transition while ensuring full access to all educational opportunities available in the district. 

Our school district receives Title III funds from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act as amended (2015).  Title III funds provide additional programs and activities for English Learners and students that fit a federal funding definition of Immigrant Student.  School districts that receive Title III funds are required to report to the State about the district's Title III programs and activities and the children that take part in the programs and activities.

Listed below is a collection of EL Resources for teachers, parents, and students:

US Department of Education Notice of Language Assistance

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Allegheny County Immigrants and Refugees
Community Assistance and Refugee Resettlement

Vibrant Pittsburgh
Early Learning Programs
Latino Family Center on Facebook
Catholic Charities for Free Health Care Center
Jewish Family and Children's Services of Pittsburgh