Chill Project


CHILL Project

The Allegheny Health Network (AHN) CHILL Project, has partnered with the Chartiers Valley to provide a mindfulness-informed and preventative school-based behavioral health program to students, staff, and families.  A dedicated CHILL Specialist and Therapist will provide mindfulness and resiliency training techniques to help students achieve greater academic success, reduce anxiety, improve student-teacher relationships, and assist students engage in better decision-making.

The CHILL Project will lead mindfulness training in the CHILL Room and educate students to use mindfulness in all areas of their daily life. Students may also visit the CHILL Room at any time throughout the day to speak privately or if they simply need a few moments of quiet reflection and calm before they resume their normal schedule.

School-Based Therapy is also provided by the CHILL Project for students who are in need of more intensive professional services. Faculty and staff members are encouraged to visit the CHILL Room for mindfulness moments to support their own well-being and that of their students. 

If you would like additional information on the CHILL project, please click the FAQ's to read more about the services provided or contact your school counselor.

CHILL Project FAQ’s