After School Tutoring

Chartiers Valley High School offers after school tutoring in the areas of math, English, and science.

Tutoring is held each week unless otherwise indicated in the HS daily bulletin.  Tutoring hours are from 3:00-4:30.  Students may go to tutoring after their 9th period class.  Please note that we will not have activity buses after school until further notice.

Subject Tutor Contact Info Room Day(s)
Mathematics William Phifer wphifer@cvsd.net D1414 Tues/Thurs
Science Elizabeth Rossi erossi@cvsd.net D1420 Monday
Science Bethany Lucas blucas@cvsd.net D1420 Tues/Thurs
Science Sue Marino smarinio@cvsd.net D1420 Wednesday
English Pauline Beattie pbeattie@cvsd.net D1421 Mon/Wed/Thurs