Parkway West CTC

Chartiers Valley School District is one of twelve school districts participating in the Parkway West Career and Technology Center. Parkway West CTC offers specialized trade and technical courses that are not available at the high school.  Students may apply for the Parkway West CTC programs during their freshman year. During their sophomore, junior and senior years, selected students will attend Chartiers Valley High School for a half-day and the other half will be spent at Parkway West CTC.  The personnel of Parkway West CTC will do the selection of students, based on their abilities, grades, maturity, aptitudes, and interests.   Upon completing the course of studies at the technical school and the high school, the student will receive a certificate fromParkway West Area Technical School and a diploma from Chartiers Valley High School.  Parkway West CTC aids graduates with job placement in their fields of study.

Website:  www.parkwaywest.org   Follow on Instagram - @Parkwaywestctc

Parkway West CTC 
7101 Steubenville Pike
Oakdale, PA  15071
Phone: (412) 923-1772

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